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Duplicate IP Address Policy


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In order to prevent fraud and poor quality advertisements, we are having to constantly adjust our algorithm to detect whether or not a visitor counts for earnings.

We want to put a stop to constantly updating our algorithm so we are making some changes soon that will significantly increase earnings for everyone!

This is important information for people who provide traffic that has lots of duplicate IPs visiting our short URLs.

IP Earnings Calculations - EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2011
1st Visit: 100% of payout rate UNIQUE IP
2nd Visit: 30% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP
3rd Visit: 20% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP
4th Visit: 15% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP
5th+ Visit: 5% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP

Please Note: We define a "Unique IP" as one that has not been seen by our database yet.

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