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  1. There's a current known issue where today's views/earnings is not accurate always (the cached data is wrong) Each day at 1am PST, the data from previous data is fixed. We have 100% accurate data. We're working at fixing this but don't worry, it's getting counted each day at 1am PST.
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    Read the TOS. No YouTube.
  3. Bans are researched by using referrers/links/data we have. If you are banned it is not reversible. Read the TOS.
  4. I personally do not believe Adblock users should be blocked. They are able to continue using our Skip button.
  5. Please do not post personal information like your email here.
  6. Admin

    help plz !

    Read the TOS. YouTube traffic is NOT allowed.
  7. Read the FAQ about duplicate IP visitors.
  8. Log out and then try to log in, you can see the ban reason. Read our TOS for more information.
  9. Yes, there's plenty of threads about this. Please do not start duplicate threads.
  10. Hi,In order to prevent fraud and poor quality advertisements, we are having to constantly adjust our algorithm to detect whether or not a visitor counts for earnings.We want to put a stop to constantly updating our algorithm so we are making some changes soon that will significantly increase earnings for everyone!This is important information for people who provide traffic that has lots of duplicate IPs visiting our short URLs.IP Earnings Calculations - EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 20111st Visit: 100% of payout rate UNIQUE IP2nd Visit: 30% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP3rd Visit: 20% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP4th Visit: 15% of payout rate DUPLICATE IP5th+ Visit: 5% of payout rate DUPLICATE IPPlease Note: We define a "Unique IP" as one that has not been seen by our database yet.
  11. Submit a support ticket for account specific questions.
  12. Admin


    Please read the FAQ. Duplicate IP visits decrease the average CPM
  13. Admin

    Custom banner

    We only do this for our larger publishers. If you do more than $5/day average earnings please submit a support ticket.
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