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  2. These are my links i currently have running
  3. my name is Daniel Laferla. your cloud flare servers locked me out and i can not login anymore; my login was [email protected] my account info id Daniel Laferla 3336 clandara ave,las vegas, nevada 89121 7027622930 paypal.me/blueeyiz702 Can you please fix so i do not loose the over $200 i have coming.
  4. danny


    I can not sign in to proboard it say account need approval. the links you send dont work. And cloud dlair blocked me from your site can you fix
  5. danny


    When I try to sign in it say Adfoc.us blocked me. I was just signed in. And i can not sign in to proboards either cause even tho i did activation still can not get in Can you guys fix, i have almost $200.00 to get paid
  6. Last week
  7. Could Someone tell me or show me where I can find tutorial how to optimize setting for Traffic Spirit work better with Adfoc.us Links? Don't want to change them without being sure they are correct. Thanks. And when do we have to submit proof for payment and what do I screenshot to show that proof.
  8. Correct that's how it works. You would then be able to click links that have that subdomain. If you don't mind, please open up a support ticket so we can check your specific account for issues with the DNS.
  9. It should be solved as of last week. That said, you might still have a caching issue on your browser end (HSTS) To fix: Open chrome://net-internals/#hsts from within a chrome using address bar Under "Delete domain security policies" type in adfoc.us and then press OK Exit Chrome and re-open
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi I was Tring to install minecraft forge 1.7.10 but the site adfoc.us doesn't work because of the problem ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Can some one help me?
  12. On the project since 09/04/2022 and during this time I have farmed for a minimum withdrawal. Do I have time to apply for withdrawal before 09/11/2022
  13. So to my understanding if I set a Cname name = supportus (that resolves supportus.windsof.net) target = mydomain.adfoc.us I should be able to put on adfocus page supportus.windsof.net Well at this point I think I'm missing something in cloudflare administration panel because this does not work at all (I truly think I did something wrong on that side, thanks for the help)
  14. Submit a ticket. This is not the place for account specific posts.
  15. That's not the correct way to configure. Please read the instructions: So you need to set name to "windof" as the name, target as mydomain.adfoc.us (this is literal, do not replace "mydomain") and you then would access windof.<yourdomainhere>
  16. I followed the steps but nothing seems to happen and i can't figure out what I'm doing wrong I setted a Cname pointed to "windsof.adfoc.us" default to TTL, I tried putting the domain here "https://adfoc.us/tools/custom-domain" bot nothing happened https://imgur.com/7mpThys
  17. As this is account specific you will be required to go through your support ticket.
  18. It's our normal caching system checking stats after each day. It's 100% accurate after the day is complete.
  19. Try after a while. It's our DDoS protection.
  20. If you don't like it you can find another link shortener that blindly pays for traffic. We make it very clear in many places around our website that we take it very seriously. That's why our payout rates are so high.
  21. Your account has been banned for Falsifying referrer This happened yesterday! I have never created or tried to create a referrer ... faking links or whatever this really means. My mods, resource and/or datapacks are 100% for Minecraft. They are getting a little bit more popular, in which I cannot know or control who or where the downloads have been made. Proof of Mods content ... And much more. Please advise.
  22. Hey man, you get paid for it, I have some minecraft mods, I'm afraid to keep generating for fear of not getting paid.
  23. All my content is Minecraft related, which is getting a little bit more popular. Also, the pay is below advertised, without complaining ... please advise.
  24. I tried 2 different wallets and it still giving me "Please enter a valid Bitcoin Address." am i doing something wrong? Im very new to bitcoin and crypto
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