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  1. Payments are now going out for Aug 2023Payments are now going out for Aug 2023
  2. We haven't finished processing payments for October yet.
  3. Please read the posting rules. Topic closed.
  4. Correct that's how it works. You would then be able to click links that have that subdomain. If you don't mind, please open up a support ticket so we can check your specific account for issues with the DNS.
  5. It should be solved as of last week. That said, you might still have a caching issue on your browser end (HSTS) To fix: Open chrome://net-internals/#hsts from within a chrome using address bar Under "Delete domain security policies" type in adfoc.us and then press OK Exit Chrome and re-open
  6. Submit a ticket. This is not the place for account specific posts.
  7. That's not the correct way to configure. Please read the instructions: So you need to set name to "windof" as the name, target as mydomain.adfoc.us (this is literal, do not replace "mydomain") and you then would access windof.<yourdomainhere>
  8. As this is account specific you will be required to go through your support ticket.
  9. It's our normal caching system checking stats after each day. It's 100% accurate after the day is complete.
  10. Try after a while. It's our DDoS protection.
  11. If you don't like it you can find another link shortener that blindly pays for traffic. We make it very clear in many places around our website that we take it very seriously. That's why our payout rates are so high.
  12. Admin


    Please submit a ticket so we can take a look.
  13. Nope, that's exactly how you will get banned. Read the TOS.
  14. Nothing is wrong, read the FAQ for how earnings are calculated.
  15. Create a ticket for account specific support.
  16. Please create a support ticket if you have not been paid already. We'll take a look at what is going on.
  17. This is an English only forum. Sorry about that.
  18. This is common and is answered in the FAQ.
  19. The maximum possible payout rate for that traffic.
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