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  1. Can you show a screenshot? Also knowing your country/browser and the link you were visiting would be extremely helpful.
  2. If you have a question that is account-specific, please open up a support ticket.
  3. Create a support ticket for this issue.
  4. You will need to allow us to respond to your ticket. It could take time.
  5. Please wait for a response in your ticket. Topic closed.
  6. This is just one of the advertisements that is not loading correctly. Credits are still counted, you can still skip click.
  7. Says on the payment history page. Payments processed from 7th to 11th of the month.
  8. Please create a ticket so we can take a look!
  9. Please create a ticket and we can check on that for you.
  10. What is your ticket #?
  11. No that's not how it works. If you request on the 7th you will be paid from the 10th to the 15th (same month)
  12. Admin


    Create a ticket for account specific support.
  13. Read the FAQ it explains when you can request payment.
  14. We've had YouTube in our TOS for many years.
  15. Read the FAQ it covers this.
  16. Admin


    Please send in a support ticket so we can take a look.
  17. This has been discussed a few times and we're working on a fix. The traffic count is accurate though and we do report at the end of each day correctly.
  18. There's a current known issue where today's views/earnings is not accurate always (the cached data is wrong) Each day at 1am PST, the data from previous data is fixed. We have 100% accurate data. We're working at fixing this but don't worry, it's getting counted each day at 1am PST.
  19. Admin


    Read the TOS. No YouTube.
  20. I personally do not believe Adblock users should be blocked. They are able to continue using our Skip button.
  21. Please do not post personal information like your email here.
  22. Payments are processed.
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