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  1. Admin

    My Balance Decrease

    We had some issues when we switched servers, should be fixed now.
  2. Admin

    Payment Received 21/06/2019

    Thank you!
  3. Admin


    The payment history page has the answer to that question.
  4. Read our TOS and FAQ
  5. Admin


    Please read the payment history page in your account for details.
  6. Admin

    Payment Received, 14/05/2019

  7. Admin

    How to make $50 a day on adfoc.us

    Replace your link with an actual link. I have removed this as this is spam.
  8. Admin

    payment request canceled

    Create a support ticket if you aren't sure or read the TOS.
  9. Glad to hear it!
  10. Admin

    Payments March 2019

    Payments going out today
  11. Admin

    Incorrect balance?

    The answer is in the FAQ, specifically under the duplicate IP section.
  12. Admin

    Incorrect balance?

    Read the FAQ
  13. Admin

    Account Balance

    Read the entire page for your answer, this is a very common question.
  14. Admin

    fix please thanks

    Ah found and fixed. Thanks for reporting