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  1. Looks like this problem has been fixed, I am not experiencing it anymore with links that have been problematic before.
  2. Recently I got an issue while I was trying to download a file redirected by adfocus and got a message from ESET Antivirus claiming that this website (http://adfoc.us/x1 for example) contains potentially malicious content, concretely 'JS/Adware.Subprop.U' without an option to continue despite this message. I have used AdFoc.us shortened URLs for years now and never had any problem. I know this is caused by ESET thinking something malicious is going out there but I'm contacting you first to let you know that this happens. I haven't found any info about this issue on the internet yet, so I'm not sure if you are aware of it. Luckily the site I was downloading files from has an option for direct link, but this is not very common case thus a lot of people may be forced to pause ESET Antivirus or add AdFoc.us on a whitelist just to get through this message.
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