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  1. Admin, PLEASE explain your suggestion? Not a gamer, so that's an arcane business for me. I was thinking more along the lines of a printed tutorial. AM looking, and may have to synthesize my own when I have a second.
  2. Hello, as a not-new user, I've read the Terms of Service repeatedly to the point that I'm almost convinced that adfoc.us is determined to make it as hard as possible for any user to reach the payment threshhold (IMHO). Call it a bit snarky, but the TOS is so restrictive that I have a hard time seeing my way to using adfoc.us for any projects requiring monetization which would allow me to keep proceedings @ $0.00 for the information and resources I dole out. Is there someone here - either from the community or the forum support staff - who can either point to adequate, in-print resources or delineate EXACTLY what the traffic generation protocol consists of? Through breaking my brain, and want to be assured of being in compliance with site policies...
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