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  1. Guess it was too much money for em to payout. So they wanted to keep it themselves.
  2. They banned me. Had 450$
  3. It says banned for ad network when I never did that. All I used to link for was shorting some downloads and articles to put on my blog and on forums and in the description of my videos. I don't know why your saying I used ad networks when I did not.
  4. Cableguyp

    Get money

    Should get it on the 16th-17th based on previous payment proof
  5. I requested payment this moneht this 7th. So I should receive it on the 15th ish then? From looking at the payment proof section it seems like the 14th-16th people normally get it.
  6. Yeah clearly you can see he is not real. How long after you request do you normally get paid? It said 1-3days which could be today. But it could also mean business days so it would be on the 12th
  7. If you made that this month you have to wait until the 7th next month.
  8. He's clearly trying to ruin you're reputation even though on the payment proof theirs some from last month.
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