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  1. AceDanny

    payment request canceled

    Not really. Some can bypass it and don't get a red flag but their payment would be stuck on 'Requested'. Oh yeah and also forgot, have a valid PayPal or Bitcoin address or it'll be stuck on "Requested."
  2. AceDanny

    Payment proof? Everyone copy this post!

    Its obvious you're doing something wrong yourself then.
  3. AceDanny

    payment request canceled

    Your payment probably got canceled because you used a VPN or use a illegal method to get visitors because remember, they check traffic before giving you your payment.
  4. AceDanny

    payment received 20-02-2019

  5. AceDanny

    is this scam or what !

    It's not a scam.
  6. AceDanny

    Payment December 2018

    Adfoc.us isn't a scam. They've been paying since 2012.
  7. AceDanny

    Payment December 2018

    It means when you get paid it might take up to 96 hours for it to show on your Bitcoin wallet/ Paypal email Adfoc.us pays after the month is over and it could take up to halfway through the next month to process all payments
  8. AceDanny

    i get my payment

    the sit is legit they have been paying since 2012 so theres proof and the old evidence is still valid
  9. AceDanny

    i get my payment

    They didn't use Paypal though they used Bitcoin but its legit have you checked that old forum for payment proof
  10. Its because you got clicks from low ad quality countries I almost forgot
  11. AceDanny

    has any of you been paid´╗┐?

    this isn't a scam there is payment proof http://adfocus.proboards.com/board/6/payment-screenshots
  12. AceDanny

    Is this a scam?

    its not also its because you got traffic from low click quality countries Adf.ly isn't better because they do the same thing as well (I think)
  13. its not a warning everyone gets that also
  14. AceDanny

    my payment when it arrives?

    http://adfocus.proboards.com/board/6/payment-screenshots to see payment proof from a long time ago
  15. AceDanny

    my payment when it arrives?

    You have to wait until the month is over then your payment should be processed and by near the half of the next month you should get your payment.