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  1. you request payment on bitcoin wallet? i request on bitcoin wallet and my payment request been canceled, i request again and now have same problem.
  2. On any sites that respect themselves and their clients, this should not be, the administration should not be silent, if something is wrong with the traffic or bitcoin wallet or other problems arise, then they should warn or write to their users about what is problematic and they cannot pay, and therefore payment is canceled. But that's my personal opinion. With respect to the site administration. :) My bitcoin wallet is normal and working, but I still have a few wallets, and I can change it at any time, but how can I understand that it is problematic in my wallet and for some reason cannot be sent to it if the administration is silent and does not comment on the reasons cancellation payment request. But the cancellation occurred not only at my account, two people wrote about the same problem, and one of them also had a payment request on bitcoin wallet.
  3. i'm not use any vpn, and all my traffic is legal, I know and read that all traffic is checked. And the site from which I send traffic is in the top of its category (1-5 of its place) in the rankings of one of the largest search engines And if the my traffic was not legal, I would get a red flag or a ban, and I did not receive them, just payment request canceled and all
  4. my too in bitcoin but on payeer wallet maybe our request canceled because wee request in bitcoin?
  5. you request on bitcoin or paypal?
  6. Since the payments for March are supposedly finished, we now have to wait for payments in April?
  7. sorry for my bad english. You write that payments for March are made. But why my payment request was canceled? this is bug or what?
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