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  1. Please don't bump old threads.
  2. Please create a support ticket so we can audit you. This forum is not for direct account support.
  3. Yeah pretty much, we are fairly boutique at this point and most of our clients are Minecraft or download related. The forum link is also towards the bottom so we don't advertise it as much!
  4. This should be fixed, please advise!
  5. Yes sometimes the current day earnings are a little lagged behind but they catch up at midnight and fix automatically. Sorry about that. We are trying to figure out how to fix 😃
  6. Admin


    Read the FAQ
  7. Admin


    Read the FAQ
  8. It sometimes takes a little while. Please be patient.
  9. It sometimes takes a little bit but we do respond.
  10. We had some issues when we switched servers, should be fixed now.
  11. Admin


    The payment history page has the answer to that question.
  12. Admin


    Please read the payment history page in your account for details.
  13. Replace your link with an actual link. I have removed this as this is spam.
  14. Create a support ticket if you aren't sure or read the TOS.
  15. Payments going out today
  16. The answer is in the FAQ, specifically under the duplicate IP section.
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