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  1. Red flags are violations of our Terms and Conditions. It is not common to get since so many people do not read the rules first.
  2. Admin

    has any of you been paid´╗┐?

    We don't need 5 different threads for the same topic. Locked thread.
  3. Admin

    Payment December 2018

    We pay every month!
  4. Admin

    i get my payment

    Glad to hear it!
  5. Admin

    Is this a scam?

    I assure you we are legit.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to post payment proof. This is simply a sample of users who have been paid and decided on their own to share their proof. In June 2018 we wiped our previous forums and started over (too much spam) so a lot of the payment proof between 2012 and 2018 was lost. You can find 2011-2012 payment proof here: http://adfocus.proboards.com/board/6/payment-screenshots Thanks for posting and please make sure to post a clear screenshot without private information otherwise it may be removed or modified by staff.
  7. AdFoc.us URL Shortening Restrictions Do not place AdFoc.us short URLs on any form of traffic exchange / PTC / autosurf website / click ring. Do not place OR link to AdFoc.us short URLs anywhere that may contain adult material. Do not iFrame our short URLs. Do not send users to our short URLs unwillingly outside of the Auto Overlay Script. Do not send popup / popunder / exit pop / interstitial traffic to short URLs. Do not send traffic from advertising agencies / advertising networks without consent from AdFoc.us. Do not ask people to click on an AdFoc.us short URL simply to generate you revenue. Do not refer users by incentivizing them to join so they can earn commission from pooled revenue from one or more accounts. Do not create redirect loops with competitor services (AdF.ly, Linkbucks, etc) OR through our short URLs to generate revenue. You cannot send traffic from AdF.ly to AdFoc.us, but you can send traffic from AdFoc.us to AdF.ly. Do not spam AdFoc.us short URLs. This includes (but not limited to) forums / chat / comments / blogs. If you are uncertain your activity may be labeled as such, please get our consent first. All links must be clicked on manually by the browsing user. The click cannot be forced or deceitfully implied. If you require using a jump page or redirect, submit a support ticket for approval. Do not spoof referrers, send blank referrers, or falsify referrers. All traffic sources must be verifiable through referrers. Do not cloak referrers. We must be able to verify your traffic source through your referrer. Do not incentivize clicking users / referred users with gifts / points / cash. Do not send traffic from anime related websites. Do not send traffic from JavaScript / Flash scripts unleses you obtain approval from AdFoc.us. We take abuse and illegal activity very seriously. We have the right to deny payment if legitimate abuse complaints / DMCA take-down requests / illegal content are associated with your account. Do not places links on these sites - funnyjunk.com, 9gag.com, syok.org, reddit.com/r/hitsworthturkingfor, tumblr.com, youtube.com Do not place or redirect to AdFoc.us links in game server messages of the day (MOTD) or in-game for any game. Contact us for more information Do not send traffic from other short URL websites Do not send traffic from Twitter / Facebook Violation of the restrictions above will result in an account ban or "Red Flag" (warning). These rules were taken from the Terms and Conditions page on June 18, 2018 - they may have changed since then. You can find the more updated Terms and Conditions here: http://adfoc.us/terms
  8. These questions are only for support tickets from our Contact page within your AdFoc.us user center. Please do not post these types of threads or replies. Thank you!
  9. If you have a red flag, do not post here. If you have another account-specific question, do not post here. Please utilize our support ticket system on the Contact page within AdFoc.us
  10. Admin

    New forum - READ FIRST!

    We have finally setup our new forum. Unfortunately we had to wipe previous forums (6 years worth of data lost) There is still some historical forum posts here for review: http://adfocus.proboards.com Other than that, this board is here to stay. Please be kind and if you have an account-specific question, create a support ticket instead from within your AdFoc.us account center.